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Oh Shana, you silly girl, look at you trying to create drama for Paily.  I get it, if Paige McCullers dumped me I’d probably do crazy things to try to win her back too.    

#Do you know what this means? #Does everyone know what this means? It means that Shauna is so obsessed with Paige’s perfection that she brought an OLYMPIC SWIMMER to Rosewood just so she would have a reason to mention that she and Paige swam together. #Up next: Shauna flies to Texas, kidnaps Mr. Fields and brings him to Rosewood so that she can mention that one time she went over to Paige’s house and met her dad. #Paige is the goddamn bomb,and Shauna will never get over it.

Next we’ll see Shana at the Rosewood tool shop (there’s only one, like everything else in Rosewood) because she’s trying to building a light signal for the sky