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veraaigerim replied to your photoset:"Thank you" veraaigerim


Happy to help <3

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"Thank you" veraaigerim

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shaymReady for the night!  Thanks patrickta & for getting me ready :)

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Paily porch love.

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Dark Paradise Ch 20 snippet


I know it’s been awhile since there has been anything on this story. So I don’t even know if this story is relevant or not but hey, it’s here now lol.

There should be a full update in a day or two. Just revising it and adding some details. Enjoy!

 “Tristan was just telling me that you two living in the apartment together. I’m glad that you two have worked it out.” I took the seat next to my mother on the couch and saw that her smile was wide as she eyed a picture of Tristan and me that was framed on the coffee table next to me. I sighed to myself, she just couldn’t let the idea or Tristan and I go.

            “Mom stop, we have separate rooms and we are just friends who live together.” I gave her a pointed look and she only smiled. I got up and went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face to rid my face of the thin layer of sweat from my run.

            “I’ve missed you sweetie.” I heard my mother’s voice as she came closer. As I dried my face with the wash-cloth I looked up to see that she had her arms open awaiting a hug.

“I missed you too mom. Can I get you something to drink or eat? Um I don’t think that we have much, I haven’t gone grocery shopping lately and Tristan is useless with that.” I walk towards the fridge and noticing that all there was inside was, some nearly finished milk, a few water bottles and some old pizza from a week ago.   

“I’m fine for now. Why don’t you let me buy you two groceries then maybe we could have lunch?” My mother was now standing next to me looking at the refrigerator with disapproval. She examine the foil wrapped pizza and threw it in the trash, it was as hard as a rock apparently because we heard the loud thud as it hit the bottom of the trash.

“Mom you don’t have to buy me groceries, Tristan and I can afford it, and we just haven’t had time. Plus, we are never really at the apartment much anyways.” I closed the door so she wouldn’t examine anything further. Just these little things that my mom does gets under my skin. I know that she means well but I can’t help but take it as she doesn’t think I could take care of myself.

“Let me do this Emmy then we can go get lunch.” My mother said sweetly as she smooth’s out her skirt before reaching for her purse. I finally gave in with a sigh and telling her to wait while I went to change. I close the door to my room and fall back to rest my head against the door. How am I going to do this?

I hated how my mother could make me feel like I was a teenager all over again. I was so happy with Paige and Evelyn but as soon as Tristan let me know that she was in Rosewood, all of that happiness left. I slide down the door and think of all the scenarios that could happen if I told her about Paige. I was happy, beyond happy actually but with my mother’s presence all I could think about was my mom not accepting it. Evelyn knew about our relationship and she was okay with it. I should be happy right? This question killed me, because I wasn’t happy in this moment when I knew that I should be.

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megans-chart: "If we donate with Paily Anchors, how will the autograph be sent to us?"


we’ve already discussed it with Ryan, they will send the signed photos out themselves

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