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The Perfect Fall Ch 13 Snippet Part 1


Wow guys this is the quickest I have ever written a good portion of the chapter, 3k in almost two hours? Damn I’m on a roll(at least I think so.) Hopefully another snippet and update soon. Enjoy!

“Emmy you’re such a good friend. Camillllllllla is a lucky girl.” She smiles at me and rests her head back on my shoulder.

“And this is why you’re coming with me. Stay right here, I’ll tell the girls I’m leaving and tell Taylor, I guess.” I get up, a bit frustrated with Paige but calmly head over back into the cabin to find the girls.

After I tell the girls I was heading out early and attempted to find Taylor with no avail, I head outside to Paige who is staring up into the sky aimlessly. When I pull up my truck and walk over to get Paige she is hesitant to leave the night sky. The car ride was silent for the first minute or two and I kept looking over to see if Paige was okay. I was going below the speed limit hoping that would secure that Paige wouldn’t throw up.  

“Do you love Camillllllla? Like really love her?” Paige’s slurred words filled the truck and it made me smile at how laid back she was while drunk. I didn’t like the fact that she brought up Camila, I didn’t like thinking about Cam while I was with her.

“Ca-me-la Paige. I’ve been with her for two years, and I’ve made plans to go to Penn State with her. So yeah I think so.” I shrug feeling satisfied with my answer as I pull up to my house and park in the driveway before rushing out to get Paige’s door to help her out.

“Yeah but both are just technicalities, I’m asking if you really love her. Like truly love her.” She drunkenly smirks and I was taken aback by the effect it had on me. ‘Keep it together’, was all that was running through my head as I held her body close to my side so that she could put some of her weight on me as we climbed up the small porch and into the kitchen.  

Anonymous: "I'm dying over Paige's hotness in this still... But what's going on? Why she's in a hot dress with heels buying two coffees? Is she on a date? But why she would be on a date on a coffee shop dressed like a fucking hot model(that she already is) ? I don't get it... Or maybe she's going somewhere and passed by only to get some coffee. I hate this... Now I'll stay anxious till the episode airs. Fuck."

Who knows dear anon, who knows? Maybe she is on a date, and bump into Emily. Emily jaw drops, when she see Paige. I mean the hottest girl in the world standing front of her, right? She will be jealous, and she realize that she is an idiot, because she let her go, the only person who made her really happy. So it’s Emily’s turn to fight for Paige, she’ll do everything to win her back.

Or Paige just listened Emily’s voicemail, and decided to test the waters. She go to the Brew dressed nicely/hot, like she is on a date, to see Emily’s reaction.

I don’t really know anon….we will find out everything at 19th of August. I don’t know how I will survive till then.

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forever in love with this woman.

My. Mother. Fucking. Wife.

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I just want a girlfriend who likes to


•likes to cuddle
•fall asleep on skype
•calls me randomly
•watch movies
•just lay together and listen to music
•stay in our pjs and go on tumblr
•make out a lot
•and someone I can call mine
•tell them I love them and don’t want anybody else except for them
•grow old together
Is that to much to ask for?

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Anonymous: "i wish someone could make an edit or something because this 5x11 paily pic looks like the poster of a lesbian movie in which lindsey is the out-and-happy lesbian, strong and fierce, and emily is this café girl that always takes lindsey's orders and falls head over heels with her!"
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No One Here Can Love or Understand Me (PLL 5x11)

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Paily - PLL 5x11 promo stills

Sexy Paige;)

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….flat lining…………….

ooooh. So uh. Who is writing the AU fic where Em is a barista working her way through grad school and Paige is a law student who comes in and studies at the coffee shop all the time and is crazy crushing on her but never gets up the nerve to speak and this night Paige is out on a date with someone else (a guy her parents set her up with) and she runs in for coffee and it’s just Em in there and they start talking and Emily kinda fumbles her words and admits it’s because she’s not used to talking to beautiful women so Paige gets enough courage to ask her out and Emily says ok when and Paige says right now, and texts the poor guy in the car that he can just go and stays to help Emily close up and they take a bottle of wine (this coffee shop sells wine at night) and and one of the flaming platters of s’mores the coffee shop sells too and Emily shows Paige how to climb into the roof (where all the employees take smoke breaks in secret) and they drink wine and eat s’mores and talk all night and they don’t even kiss until the sun starts to rise and Paige says “i can’t go one more day without kissing you” and then they are in love FOREVER.?

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Paily - PLL 5x11 promo stills