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Brains are wonderful, I wish everyone had one.

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I think the thing that bothers me the most about some emisoff shippers is the sense of entitlement that they have. They feel like they deserve for e/a to happen. That just because they’re the louder more obnoxious fans, that they’re more deserving of getting their way. And I think they need to feel extremely ashamed of themselves for wishing death on a character for the sole fact that they get in the middle of their nonexistent ship.


I wonder if some fans think this is like a reality show. They would so love to vote Paige off. Unfortunately the show caving to Spoby and Ezria shippers has probably encouraged this mentality, as well as the way the social media is handled.

The weird thing is that in the meantime they’re not actually paying any attention to the story. They’re just sitting there waiting for Alison to magically transform into Emily’s saviour and true love and nothing that happens until then means anything to them. I think Paily shippers are more interested in Alison’s character than a lot of Emison shippers, who just ignore anything that happens on screen that doesn’t fit the story they’ve created in their heads.

Oh well, they’re missing out on a good villain.

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This is still the most beautiful dog photoset I’ve ever seen

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Reconcile, a Pretty Little Liars fanfic | FanFiction

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get to know me meme | [6/10] tv shows | penny dreadful

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If you love Paige and Emily, and wanna read about their journey at the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean. You should check out Sirens. Drama, love, passion, adventure…already interest? Go and read the story. :)

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Watch California Dry Up Right Before Your Eyes In 6 Jaw-Dropping GIFs

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